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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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she did a great job, really funny, she's out there, she's fighting for her last 75 days. >> right now at 11:00, politics, money and the silicon valley. hk hk sweillary clinton sweeps n and charms high-profile supporters. we have the inside story. the news at 11:00 starts now. thank you for being with us on this wednesday night. i'm peggy bunker in for jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. the road to the white house goes through the peninsula. the money raised here fuels her
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campaign across country. tonight she crisscrossed the silicon valley, starting in redwood shores and finishing in las altos hill. we're in las altos with the details. rick? >> reporter: how you doing there, raj and peggy? >> yeah, there was a lot of topics on the table tonight from hillary clinton. she talked about a lot of things. a lot of big things that her supporters wanted to hear from donald trump to conspiracy theories especially those conspiracy theories about her held, she touched on it all. the biggest worry to all her supporters, would she have enough time to meet with all them? what was it like in there? >> it was really fun and it was really nice meeting her. >> reporter: a hillary clinton fund-raiser for all ages and all dollars. donors paying between one grand and $27,000 for a chance to meet a possible future president. >> i wanted to show my support particularly because my parents are imgrants, my brother's in the military. >> reporter: the two-hour even at a private home in las altos
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hills hosted by apple ceo tim cook, part of a swing of parties in northern california. >> i'm in friday. >> reporter: the fund-raiser was closed to the media but was held in the backyard, you could easily hear clinton from the street. one of her topics, trump. just listen closely. >> how do you win against someone who -- >> reporter: clinton also told the crowd she wants a national infrastructure bank for ongoing road projects and addressed the recent conspiracy theories that her supporters say they'll continue to ignore. >> she really wants to hear from everybody. she wants to know what's on everybody's mind. >> reporter: a clinton crowd who also delivered a message to donald trump. >> i cannot imagine raising my kids here and staying in this country with trump as president. >> reporter: clinton tomorrow now goes on to reno to continue her west coast run. this as she now twins to prepare for the first presidential
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debate coming up on september the 26th and of course you'll see it right here on nbc. we're live in las altos, rick boone, nbc area. >> rick, thank you. we have more coverage of mrs. clinton's bay area visit on our website. find out how one young fan reacted after spotting mrs. clinton today, that's at we're following breaking news in san francisco. b.a.r.t. trains are not stopping at the civic center station. police are investigating a stabbing. happened around 10:00. the victim in stable by critical condition. b.a.r.t. trains not stopping at the civic center station in san diego. new at 11:00, a police officer rescues a blind man from his burning home in contra costa county. this is in pittsburg. the fire started just before 7:30 tonight near 11th and new york streets not too far from the pittsburg post office.
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by the time crews fwo s got the police officer was pulling the blind man to safety. the homeowner is being treated for smoke inhalation. the officer who rescued him is also hospitalized. >> we have one police officer who injured his arm during the course of the rescue. he was also transported with a serious arm injury from falling glass. >> it took about 20 minutes to get this fire under control. still no word on what sparked the flames. a candle light vigil tonight for a pregnant woman who died in a san jose car crash. hernandez was just 18 years old. her baby boy survived the crash and is still hospitalized at valley medical center. that's where the family gathered tonight to remember and look toward the future. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is live at the hospital. so many people pulling for this baby. >> reporter: they are, and their prayers seem to be answered tonight, but there are mixed emotions tonight for the hernandez family. their 18-year-old daughter died in that horrible crash.
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she was pregnant, but her newborn baby boy is surviving here at valley medical center. we just learned tonight that his condition is improving. ♪ the family chose to hold the candlelight individuvigil on thp of the parking garage across from the hospital where hernandez died last week following a car crash on highway 101 south of tully road and the place where her newborn son is surviving. >> and they actually are allowed to take the baby and carry the son and feed him with a bottle. so that we just heard that earlier today. so that, for us, is very emotional. >> reporter: emotions running deep tonight. >> we're here to pray for the family. and pray that they will gain strength. >> reporter: strength to try and understand what happened last wednesday. hernandez was on her way home after working the nightshift at a fast food restaurant in morgan
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hill. with her brother behind the wheel, the two were heading to pick up her fiance at his job in san jose when the car swerved for an unknown reason off the highway and hit a bmw parked on the shoulder. >> she was just a regular 18 years old giggly, liked to joke around, very good, positive attitude. had a future. plans. >> lift up your candles. >> reporter: a future that is now in the hands of a newborn baby boy named christopher. now police say the driver of that bmw appeared to be intoxicated. her brother had no drugs or alcohol in his system. his sister's funeral is scheduled for next week. reporting live in san jose, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we have new details on the frightening crash in san francisco. tonight investigators say the taxicab driver was not driving impaired when he slammed into a
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shoe shine vendor yesterday. seriously injuring the owner and an employee. this was right on market street and sutter. the driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating with police. he told us over the phone tonight that he's limited to what he can say right now. >> i'm not allowed to comment, okay, because i'm sorry, i'm hoping they'll be okay. best i can do. i hope they'll be fine. i wish them the best recovery. >> wish them the best recovery. investigators are looking at possible mechanical issues with that taxi and a possible medical condition with the driver. they're also reviewing surveillance video. surveillance video is also the key to another case. a vicious beating in san francisco seemingly for no reason. the suspect is still on the run. take a look. the attack happened in the pacific heights neighborhood over the weekend on saturday. investigators tell us the man walked up to that victim, punched her repeatedly, and then
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just walked away. police believe it was a random attack and tell us the suspect didn't take anything from that woman. they're hoping someone sees this video and recognizes the man. well, the death toll is rising after that massive earthquake in central italy. officials say the quake has killed 247 people. take a look at this new video of the moment the magnitude 6.2 quake hit. it shows many of the roads here simply shaking. the earthquake reduced three ancient towns to rubble, one of them amatrice was hit the hardest. covered we mounds of debris from buildings that tumbled in the initial quake and 200 aftershocks that came after also did their damage. san francisco's italian community is stepping up to help out the victims. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney joins us with that story. terry, that video is just shocking. >> reporter: it really is and right here in north beach across the street from washington square park, the heart of san francisco's italian-american community, they're doing something about it. money is being sent.
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it's being raised in part by the italian athletic club. they're also sending spiritual assistance. some of that coming from that church right over there. for the victims of the earthquake in italy, song and prayers led by father al mingan of st. peter and paul's church. >> we pray that the organizations, the government, the people of good will will come to the rescue and help out the victims of the earthquake. >> reporter: just around the corner from the church is the italian athletic club flying the flag of italy at half-staff. here, plans have been finalized for a fund-raiser for quake victims. >> everybody loves italy, and, you know, we're all -- when something like that happens, we're all one. >> reporter: those plans include making certain the money raised at tuesday's benefit spaghetti and meatball dinner gets to those in need. organizers have been in touch with the italian embassy. >> we're looking to make sure it
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gets to the organization, that it will get directly in as opposed to money being siphoned on the way. we want them to get the money. >> reporter: tom moved to italy three years ago. what he's seeing in his new country he's seen before. >> having gone through the '89 earthquake here then living in italy in the earthquake there, it's just a horrible feeling and i can't imagine what the people are going through. >> we offer our prayers. >> reporter: we all know what the money raised could do. father is certain as to what these prayers will do. >> it works, and that's what we are doing tonight. we pray to our blessed lady and the saints and we sing and we pray together. >> reporter: if you could you like to contribute to the relief efforts, there is a fund-raiser next tuesday night at the italian athletic club, or contribute to the italian red cross. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. they provided a lot of care
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for lori. she just needed more. >> the mother of a nurse hurt on the job says the workers' comp system let her daughter down when she needed it most. i'm liz wagner. coming up next, we investigate what happens when injured workers appeal for more medical care. also, only on nbc bay area, a major new developments in a kidnapping for ransom case that made national headlines. the report casting doubt on how a local police department handles this controversial case. and good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. a cool northwesterly wind helping to push in that fog. we'll have your morning forecast for tomorrow and some changes for this weekend in just a few minutes.
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you're watching nbc bay area news. with the bay area's biggest investigative unit holding the powerful accountable. nbc bay area. we investigate. they say they don't have a
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fighting chance to get better. our investigative unit is digging into a system that's being criticized by injured workers. >> it starts when critical medicare care gets denied. liz wagner joins us with the details. liz? >> peggy, injured workers can appeal those denials but our investigation found most of the time the viewers agree people don't need the medical treatment they've requested. and critics say this proves the deck is stacked against injured workers and in some case, it can lead to devastating consequences. >> she was just such a humorous person. >> reporter: lori mays was always up for a laugh. just ask her mom. >> she was is funny. >> reporter: joan says her daughter wore her sense of humor. >> i don't mean to offend you, that's just the -- >> reporter: as a nurse for the fresno county health department, lori helped women with at-risk pregnancies. a house call if 2003, she slipped on the stairs.
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she got surgery but the pain in her back and legs wouldn't stop. the funny lori slid into depression. >> so the workers' comp system acknowledged the link between chronic pain and depression. >> yes. >> they were authorizing treatments for depression. >> yes. >> reporter: when drugs stopped working in 2014, lori received transcranial magnetic stimulation. according to her medical records, it seemed to be very effect iive but when her doctor requested more treatment last september, it was denied. >> it was just devastating. >> reporter: lori asked the state for an independent medical review or imr. in february, the doctor reviewing her case decided to uphold the denial. the week lori received the letter, her family was at the beach. she came home first. >> there was a note on the front door saying don't go in the backyard. call the police. i knew instantly what it meant. >> reporter: a suicide note. her family found these notes, too. we treat our employees while injured worse than we treat our veterans. i'm worn out.
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drained. depleted. gone. she was 50, but she was her little girl. >> having parents pass away doesn't prepare you for losing your child. >> it's a reckless disregard for human life. >> reporter: the imr letter surprised douglas snow, her workers' comp attorney. >> do you believe the imr decision contributed to lori's decision? >> without question, it did. >> reporter: lori's case is extreme, but critics of the workers' comp system say the independent medical review rubber stamps denials of treatment injured workers say they need. we reviewed data provided by the state from 2013 through 2015, injured workers contested nearly 600,000 treatment denials. our analysis found reviewers upheld nearly 90% of the denials. supporters of the system say this number proves the entire review process is working. critics have a different take. >> it's hard to believe that any
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system could be that one-sided rrn in 2013, a new law changed the way workers' comp resolves disputes about medical care. injured workers used to argue their cases before a judge. now independent reviewers decide if medical care is necessary based on guidelines that dictate which treatments work best. some critics say those guidelines are too rigid. >> does the one-size-fits-all model work in every case? >> of course not. certainly didn't work in this case. >> reporter: a corporation called maximus won the contract. the company declined an interview request. >> there's no transparency. >> reporter: we learned maximus reviewers are confidential, that means nameless, faceless doctors are making decisions about medical care for patients they've never seen. the outcomes are final for one year. is the independent medical review process working? >> no. >> reporter: diane worley serves as policy director for the attorney's association, the group advocates if injured workers. >> if the treatment the doctor's asking for isn't the right treatment, then the goal should be to find what is the right
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treatment. >> but the system, you're saying, is not designed to do that currently? >> that's correct. >> reporter: critics say that's because the focus of the new law is saving money. system costs are down $800 million each year but worley says it's gone too far. >> there needs to be a recognition, how much suffering there is. >> reporter: research from the insurance industry shows even after imr ultimately 96% of all medical services are approved. in this july report, stateries, "independent medical professionals apply the appropriate evidence-based medical standards." we asked the state for an interview but our request was denied. >> they don't want to answer your questions. >> she was a beautiful person. >> reporter: joan continues to mourn the loss of her tour, but she's speaking up to improve workers' comp. >> northeast most of it is for lori no longer has. >> reporter: she says the system designed to help injured workers recover failed her daughter when she needed it most. >> they provided a lot of care for lori.
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she just needed more. >> now the department says improvements are ongoing and reviewers continue to make treatment decisions based on guidelines. the state says encouraging treatment that's proven to work and discouraging treatment that's ineffective means better care and fewer wasted resources. peggy? >> very eye opening, liz. thank you very much. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call 888 888-996-tips or e-mail jeff ranieri is with us. maybe if you have to take the kids to school in the morning, a little chilly. >> a light jacket to start. we have the fog coming on back into san francisco and up against the coastline as well. let's go and get you outside to the live sky camera network right now. here it is. rolling into san francisco right on cue. with what we're supposed to have this time of the year. not only fog, but also some mist. relative humidity at 84%. that's the signal of the moisture in the atmosphere.
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after a high of 63, it's not really a huge drop-off from the dietime high. again, it is chilly. the low clouds are spreading up into santa rosa. right now 55 tr 5 degrees. eventually, an overcast sky by 3:00 a.m. and can expect low clouds into your morning commute for the north bay as well. really for a lot of the bay area, we'll have patchy low clouds to start. and san jose, we will get in on some sunshine but will have moderate air quality. we can expect hazy skies once again in the south bay and 58 degrees. microclimate forecast doesn't show any big differences for tomorrow. we're right on point with our average temperatures in san jose with 83 degrees. for the peninsula, that cold, brisk westerly wind in half moon bay has us at 60 degrees. go away from that into palo alto, a nice 76 and sunny skies. san francisco, not too many changes. 61 expected in the marina. 62 in the financial district. north bay, east bay and also for the tri-valley, warmest temperatures, the farthest away
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from the onshore colder wind. that means livermore is up to 88 degrees and danville at 87. for the east bay, 71 in oakland. over toward walnut creek, 86. high pressure offshore and we're looking at mid to upper 80s inland. a change coming as we head throughout this weekend. you're going to like it if you want cooler weather. we have a trough of low pressure developing and good enough to drop temperatures from 3 to 6 degrees. san francisco, you know the thrill. cooler wind will stay in place. you're not going to see too many shifts. but for the interior valleys, we'll go from 88 as the average down to 83 on sunday. and we keep it those low 80s into next week. you two look happy about this forecast. >> look s nice. >> looks really good. >> light jacket in the morning for school drop-off. >> all right. thank you. up next, first the comments then the punishment. the team usa soccer go a bit too far? the late st on hope solo's
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suspension. also we have jimmy. >> hey, guys, aaron paul, florida georgia line are here. plus we have music from florida georgia line. to not change the channel. it's good. and happening now on our home page, she swam to alcatraz and back, now a central california boy will have another accomplishment to boast about. circus guest. 9-year-old james will lead the countdown before the ringling brothers barnum & bailey show this week. buzzing on twitter, a woman in hawaii wins over $10 million playing the anyone slpenny slot vegas. more news coming up after the break.
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for twenty years, box tops for education has helped schools earn over 750 million dollars to get what they need! families at lawton alternative school in san francisco collected box tops to help pay for field trips like the 5th grade overnight trip! don't be absent from helping your local school! buy 10 participating box tops for education items and get 60 bonus box tops with the just for u digital coupon when you shop today at safeway! offer valid 8/1 - 9/1/16. digital coupons valid when downloaded to your club card. tonight at six o'clock it's another twist in a vallejo woman's bizarre kidnapping for ransom case.
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now to a story we first broke at 6:00, it's another twist in a vallejo woman's bizarre kidnapping for ranson case. attorneys for denise huskins say it's not a hoax. officers did interview huskuns last year soon after she was released by her alleged kidnapper matthew muller. they say huskins' account was clear and she and her boyfriend had been drugged by an intruder and kidnapped huskins. according to the report, huskins was never evasive during the question, opposite of how vallejo police described her. they initially called case a hoax saying she denied being a victim. >> these documents are the beginning of a cascade of evidence in the real world that the vallejo police department not only didn't do its job but made things up about the way it did its job. >> vallejo police and the city of vallejo are not commenting on the new report citing a pending lawsuit. okay. hold the bacon. the bay area's best known bake l
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festival has been rescheduled because of a police officer shortage. bacon festival of america was scheduled to take place in san jose over labor day weekend. however, on the e event's facebook page, festival organizers announced they're postponing the event saying there's not enough san jose police officers to patrol that weekend. so the event is being moved to the weekend of october 15th. >> of all things to hold that up. the police officers. up next, buster posey like we've rarely seen him. and katie ledecky is back in the headlines. stay withes.
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going according to plan for the giants. tonight -- a lot of frustration the big showdown series not going according to plan for the giants. tonight a lot of frustration down at dodgers stadium. did you see the game? the giants had a great chance in the eighth inning but when buster posey loses his cool, then they've got some serious problems. buster not happy with this strikeout. the giants not happy with the bottom line. dodgers win 1-0. l.a. now extends its lead in the division to three games. the a's today beat the indians at the coliseum. the bigger story is land. and the future home of the athlet athletics. they wanted out of the coliseum for years. the live shot of it here. finding a new home hasn't been easy. we've known that. the a's, downtown san jose, and even fremont. now just a couple miles away the
11:30 pm
howard terminal on the waterfront at the port of oakland. tomorrow, a's owner john fisher, the heir to the gap fortune, is expected to tour howard terminal as a possible spot for a new ballpark for the a's. we'll keep you posted. >> how about that? is there anything she can't do? olympic champion swimmer katie ledecky throwing out a nice first pitch. very successful. this at the washington nationals game. the crowd got quite a kick when she handed off her medal to bryce harper before the pitch. ledecky won four gold medals, one silver in rio. she'll be attending stanford this fall. a lot of talk about hope solo responding to a decision by usa soccer to suspend her six months following her controversial remarks made in rio. the goalie caused waves during the olympics when she called the swedish team cowards after team usa lost to sweden in the quarterfinals. u sar usa soccer says solo did not live up to its code of conduct and announced today she is
11:31 pm
suspended. past controversial incidents involving solo were also taken into account with this decision. on facebook, hope solo said she, "dedicated her life to the u.s. women's national team and with so much more to give, she is saddened by the federation's decision. up next, a big decision regarding prince and his former estate. stay with us. it's what prince would have
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wanted. that's what the siser of the late musician isaying about the finally tonight, it's what prince would have wanted, that's what the sister of the late musician is saying about the decision to open his paisley park estate for public tours. those tours will start this fall. until now, only a select few have been able to, or have been allowed inside the compound. outside of minneapolis. prince's sister says the museum will honor his legacy. >> that's a food idea. such a destination. thank you for joining us. have a great evening. a-m. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- aaron paul, tig notaro,


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